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Franchise Support Service Provider

"Sustainable partnerships through reliable creativity..."

About us

The Growth AcadeME is an international franchise service provider established in Dubai, U.A.E. in 2016. The company offers its unique expertise to brands, investors and businesses seeking additional and alternative revenue ventures, portfolio diversification and equity growth via franchising.

The Growth AcadeME was born out of the need to provide customized pathways to both investors and brands, that are not part of the traditional establishments pre-packaged strategies or solutions. Given the continuous evolution of both consumer needs and the goal-post of satisfaction constantly shifting, The Growth AcadeME positions itself to remain valid with the dynamism behavior of both market and operation expectation.

The Growth AcadeME is equipped to facilitate inbound and outbound interests throughout the GCC, MENA regio, India sub-continent, Africa and Europe.

Alpha Maiava;
Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Prior to setting up The Growth AcadeME, Alpha served as the Head of Franchise Sales and International Growth at Sumo International Inc., owner of Japanese restaurant, and the GCC's original family friendly, frand; Sumo Sushi and Bento.  Before joining Sumo, he worked as Director of Marketing and later as General Manager for Accenture Investment, a subsidiary of the Al Habtoor Group.

Alpha obtained his degrees in Marketing and International Business at Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand) and Korea University (Republic of Korea).

Alpha developed a unique reputation in the hospitality, FMCG / F&B, concept marketing as well as in the franchising industries when it comes to connecting brands and investors, strategies and organizations together with the ability to bring people and ideas together for innovative approaches to existing and new growth focused concepts.

The focus is ensuring that all stakeholders walk away knowing their expectation were met or exceeded by the outcomes.  Alpha accumulated his consulting expertise in the industries mentioned from years of working in Australasia, Asia and the Middle East.

Position Statement

Who we are

  • The Growth AcadeME is an experienced advisor in the franchise industry supporting brands (franchisors or concept owners) seeking growth focused initiatives to expand their operations and footprint.

The Mission

Our core purpose

  • Facilitating sustainable business growth through reliable creativity.

The Vision

Our focus

  • To become the most successful franchise support service provider for brands and investors seeking equity, profit and organisational growth.

Our Principles

The cornerstone

  • Reliable - the commitment to being dependable and trustworthy.
  • Versatile - the commitment to open-mindedness and all possibilities.
  • Forward thinking - the commitment to evolving creativity as a fuel of progress.
  • Adventurous - the commitment to ensuring happiness and excitement in everything.

What we do

Market Recon

We assist brands (franchise) understand and identify opportunities in desired markets that have impacts on their strategies of entry and positioning categorically.  We also prospective partners (entrepreneurs, investment groups, equity firms) understand a brands (franchise) offering and operation.

Investor Placement

Through our vast network, we facilitate introductory sessions between brands (franchise) and prospective partners.

Engagement Platform

Whether it is single or multiple unit, master franchising, area development or joint venture, our experience allows us to assist brands (franchise) understand the best way forward when considering prospective partners.

Concept Vetting

This service is available to prospective partners with little to no knowledge of brands (franchise) that they have shown interest in.  Our team is equipped to carry out due diligence and fact-checking of brands (franchise) on behalf of such clients, conveying these in a manner that makes sense to prospective partners.

Concept Development

There is always room for innovation!  Whether it is the revamping of an existing brand (franchise) or the creation of an entirely new venture, we have the experience to carry out both.

Achievements & Engagements

  • As well as providing potential strategic approaches to new revenue streams, our team also produced frameworks for one of the biggest International Beverage Producer on franchising platforms for FMCG operations.
  • We provide support to investors and entrepreneurs who are interested in mobile trucks (F&B and service-based usage) across the region through our collaboration with the leading mobile truck fabricator in the market.
  • We have established representative partnerships with various investment firms who are entrusted by high net worth prospective partners with the task of identifying investment opportunities.
  • We manage ongoing collaborations with entrepreneurs and investors seeking operations and business models that satisfy their search parameters.  At the same time, we also work with concepts in identifying, and carrying out due diligence, prospective franchisees for outbound and inbound growth.

Strategic Partners

We work alongside some of the most reputable Middle East specialized consultants in the following fields; legal, mobile truck design & fabrication, investment services and operations. Some of our partners are: